Our Services
From specializing in residential renovations to custom home building, we have you covered.

Investment Property Renovation

If you're an investor looking to flip/rent out properties then partnering with the right General Contractor is key to maximizing your ROI. At Lonestar, we know taking shortcuts doesn’t equal to saving money.

We have a wide range of expertise in full gut renovations and experience in hurdling around future roadblocks that will make any old abandoned home rejuvenate into a modern living space.

Interior Renovations

Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, or living area the fact is that things are changing. People were just comfortable with the dull, old-fashioned layouts. Kitchens were just for cooking, bathrooms would tend to be small serving a simple purpose, and overall home layouts were compartmentalized and sectioned.

Things have changed and home design trends have opened the door to so much more. Now the Kitchen isa focal point that is integrated with your open living space and bathrooms playa critical role in your daily life and comfort. By partnering with Lonestar, we will keep your home up to trend and add that touch of class and modernism you were always looking for!

Finishing Basements

Sometimes we don’t realize we aren’t using our homes square footage to its full potential and that is probably due to its current condition. Especially when it comes to basements. Either it’s a dull space that is forgotten, or an unfinished part of the house that is used for storage.

With the help of Lonestar we can make that space so much more.  It can be an area to host your friends to watch the game. It can be a play area for the children with both an additional bedroom and bathroom, it can even be a separate unit where you can rent it out to generate passive income! The possibilities are endless, all you have to do is work with our experts to make it happen.

Home Additions

As we spend years in our lovely homes our families also grow. We come to a point where we could really use some extra space. Maybe we need more bedrooms and bathrooms, a bigger garage, and more parking space. Lonestar can really take the hassle out of the challenges you are facing. A Home Addition is a great solution and our team can help create that extra space and also maximize your investment in your home.

New Home Construction

If you are in the market for building a home from scratch Lonestar is dedicated to delivering your home in a fashion that will reflect care and consideration. We specialize in all aspects of residential development and will work hard to beat your expectations, pressing the most design out of every dollar you spend. The most important thing we are building outside of your new home is a relationship and we believe that our work will speak for itself.